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Security Guards Vs Electronic Security Solutions

     or      or both 
Security Guards, Static Guards or Guard Patrols, however you term them, perception remains as to their
reliability, effectiveness and value for money. There is much anecdotal and confirmed evidence about
the poor quality of some security personnel, yet for many businesses Guards are still regarded as the
right security solution and to be entrusted with the protection of your goods and premises.

Not before time the industry has been required to "smarten up its act" and companies offering Guarding
services now have to comply with stringent quality and vetting procedures, which will no doubt lessen
some of the suspicions that prevailed previously.

However, some major concerns still remain

1. Guards Falling asleep
2. A Guard can only be in once place at any one time
3. A Guard can be a target point as they often have keys
4. Guards continually monitoring CCTV will miss 85% of what happens in front of the cameras
after 12 minutes and 95% after 25 minutes
5. As most Guards are outsourced you never know the Guard that could turn up next or his

There are alternatives which, not only would save you literally many thousands of Rands per annum, but
also in all likelihood provide your business with much improved and more effective overall security.
As a specialist in security installations NetVu Systems offer a range of solutions for all types of

1. CCTV/ IP Video Surveillance
2. External Alarm / Deterrent Systems
3. Remote Monitoring of CCTV & Alarms
4. Remote Control Access Control & GSM Intercoms
5. Intruder, hardwired and wireless & Fire Alarms
6. Gates, Barriers & Turnstiles

Before you employ security guards why don't you evaluate how we can be of benefit to your business
with real value for money services and security solutions?

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