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Primeter Protection

High Security Fence

High security fencing systerm, well known in the world as an anti-climb & anti-cut through barrier, while providing the lowest level of visual impact to the surroundings.
The panels are welded with high quality carbon steel wires.
It is designed to give attractive, long lasting and secure perimeter protection for industrial and commercial properties, public utilities, and it is really suited for electronic alarm and detection systems - no blind spots for CCTV.
It is also a good choice for Military, airports, secure units and prisons.

High Security Fence for Remote Sites

Large Perimeter Intrusion detection

FiberLR is a fiber optic cable based perimeter intrusion detection system that supports mixed applications of buried or fence mounted sensing fiber in a single system.
It's specifically designed software algorithm provide reliable detection of intrusions into a perimeter of up to 16km (10 miles) per processor.
Multiple processors can be used for perimeters of any length.

FiberLR is ideal for long perimeter applications and those that may have EMI or lightning concerns associated with them.
Installation is simple requiring no additional infrastructure in the field.
The sensor cable can be affixed to chain link fences or shallow buried in the ground.
The sensor cable has no emission and is completely covert in buried applications.

Medium and Small Perimeter Intrusion Detection