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Abloy Protec Cliq

ABLOY CLIQ Remote is a central administration and key management solution
for master-keyed systems located even in geographically wide area.

ABLOY® CLIQ Remote integrates electronics
into the unique, high security ABLOY®
mechanical disc cylinders and keys – all
combining with electronic security and managed  
remotely, in real time.

effective, intelligent security    



Presentation of the Abloy Protec Cliq High Security Locking System can be downloaded from our Download webpage

  • FUNCTIONAL - Audit trails from cylinder and key. Power supply from key, no batteries in cylinder.
  • FLEXIBLE - Add or remove keys quickly. Easy change of cylinder combinations.
  • SECURE Dual security - high security mechanical and encrypted electronic.
  • PRACTICAL - Master key system can include mechanical and electronic keys and cylinders.
  • COST EFFECTIVE - Low installation costs. Low maintenance costs. Long life cycle.
  • EASE OF USE - Simple with no wires or system updates.
  • TIME FUNCTION - Keys are valid to your specified time and date. Battery in the key allows time functions.
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