NetVu Systems operates in the Southern African region, in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
With over 20 years of vast experience of the senior management in West Africa and Southern Africa, we have the capibilities to provide consulting, design and turnkey project management services at the highest level.

The mission of NetVu Systems is to design and manufacture the most advanced and complete line of Digital Security Systems which are in operation in Southern Africa and protect power stations, prisons, oil refineries, international borders, military sites,  communication centers, airports, and industrial facilities.

We have highy skilled technicians, engineers, and programmers with vast background in industrial and security applications.
NetVu Systems is constantly searching and implementing new generations of existing products and new technologies.

Our Security Systems and products are of the most up-to-date security technology that provides the highest quality, reliability together with cost effectiveness.

Unlock the true potential of IP Video Surveillance Technology – seeing is believing.

NetVu Systems continues to lead the field in delivering ‘Next Generation’ CCTV Video Surveillance networkable solutions for use within company activities' monitoring, security and life safety.    

Embrace new technology with an open mind and reap the benefits.
Constant innovation, where security and life safety converge and will affect us all.
It will alter the way your organisation – whether from the public sector to private enterprise, from small business to the corporate world – protect and manage their organizations in the future.
These issues will start to impact on your business, so see beyond the hype and discover the new reality of security & life safety technology now.